The Establishment

In order to benefit from the experiences of businessmen around the world especially those who constitute active economic groups contributing to the development of their countries and communities, a group of Lebanese businessmen visited various institutions affiliated with the International Businessmen Federations to familiarize themselves with their achievements on all levels, especially the educational, medical, economic, and social ones.

The study of these various experiences encouraged the businessmen in Lebanon to work on creating their own model names:  the Federation of Businessmen for Support and Development - IRADA. The official launching and registration was on 16 July 2013, with a notice of recognition # 1282.


To build a leading economic and social gathering that aims at serving our society and promoting its identity, as well as supporting and protecting the interests of its members.


To link businessmen with each other, which shall be for their own benefits, and shall help expand their business and effectiveness.

IRADA’s values

The most important feature of IRADA is its interest in instilling a culture of assistance and support among its members. This shall lead into members' voluntary commitment to support other members on personal and professional basis, like providing the necessary advice, support, assistance, and personal relationships.