IRADA’s Services

Monthly Acquaintance Meetings

Meetings are held on regular basis every month with the aim of introducing the members to each other, allowing them to meet, communicate, and build personal and business relations.

The Member’s Business Directory

The purpose of this directory is to provide a brief overview of the member’s companies, their field of work, and their contact information. This facilitates the trade between them and the inter-services. The directory is available free of charge to the members through the website and as a hard copy.

IRADA’s Market

It’s a free and public forum for members (available through a specific mobile application) where the announcements concerning trading of goods, services, business opportunities, employment opportunities, and various services are posted immediately.

Two-way Trade

IRADA provides the befitting environment required to stimulate and encourage intra-member trade, thus helping them in developing their businesses and ensuring their continued development.

The "IRADA Partners" Program

Members of IRADA are constantly discussing and introducing new opportunities for business development inside or outside Lebanon. These presented opportunities aim to secure the necessary funding and develop long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency.

The Various International Happenings

IRADA seeks to keep its members constantly informed about the international happenings that are of interest to them, as it also organizes trade delegations to different countries that actively participate in such conferences.

Welcoming Delegations and Trade Emissaries

IRADA frequently hosts trade delegations from different countries and organizes regular meetings with commercial attachés of the accredited embassies in Lebanon in order to further develop the members' businesses.

Specialized Seminars

In its headquarters, IRADA organizes specialized seminars in the fields of business and services in cooperation with experts and specialists in various sectors.

Workshops and the Annual Conference

IRADA organizes workshops to help guide its members, stimulate their work, and improve their skills. The conference is to be held annually and its aim is to enhance the affiliation to the Coalition and to present the various ventures.

Sports and Recreational Activities

IRADA pays special attention to the families of its members, so it organizes recreational and educational trips on regular basis to different regions of Lebanon and the world.