IRADA’s Code of Conduct

Members pledge to:

  • Strive to achieve the objectives of IRADA, to promote them, and to develop its potential with sincerity and excellence
  • Respect IRADA’s status in society, its internal system, and its relations with others
  • Respect the public values ​​and morals and reject discrimination and incitement at all times
  • Commit to credibility and adhere to integrity and professionalism while exercising their various business
  • Give priority to the commercial transactions of IRADA’s members without it being such an obligation
  • Seek to promote the commercial interests of their fellow members when the opportunity arises
  • Provide advice to any fellow member who needs it, each according to his specialty
  • Give priority to IRADA’s members to enter into a new partnership in order to achieve the objectives of the Coalition
  • Deal with their partners who are members as well in a fair and transparent manner. In the event of a divergence of opinion between the partners, they pledge to give IRADA a key role to reconcile everyone through the adoption of the principle of mediation
  • Contribute to supporting the community, helping develop its institutions, and promoting a culture of giving and generosity.
  • Focus on business development and community development by putting their personal propensities aside, in addition to distancing themselves from political or partisan matters.
  • Allocate part of their time on weekly basis to follow up on the regular meetings of the Coalition or to carry out some voluntary work that they might be asked to carry out from time to time.