Education Committee

It consists of a group of academic educators and those with expertise in the development of educational work. Their mission is to contribute to the advancement of the society and serving it by means that enhance our cultural identity and contribute to the bringing up of an educated and responsible generation.

Committee Programs:

i. "The Excellence” University Interest-Free Loan Program

Program Description and Objectives:

"The Excellence” University Interest-Free Loan Program aims to provide support and to university students who are unable to pursue their degrees due to financial reasons, in addition to helping them find the appropriate specialties and universities that match their competencies.

Support is a three-way direction:

  • Providing financial assistance to university students in the form of an interest-free loan from the "excellence” fund that the student will begin to repay once he accepts the loan
  • Pointing students towards the available specializations that comply with their preferences and ambitions
  • Informing students about the university scholarships available inside and outside Lebanon, as well as financial assistance available at the universities

ii. The Educational Excellency Program

Program Description and Objectives:

The Educational Excellency Program aims to:

  • Help students advance their learning habits in order to achieve ultimate academic success
  • Direct the proceeds of the project towards university students who are suffering from financial difficulties

The Provided Services are:

  • Private lessons in all materials post-school
  • A focus on students in the intermediate and secondary levels
  • Preparation for the official examinations of the French and Lebanese Baccalaureates
  • Support for individuals through one-on-one or small groups
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Modern and advanced training facilities

Public Relations Committee

It consists of a group of members who have a vision and diversity in their social relations. Their task includes introducing IRADA and weaving ties and relations with the local and international economic and political personalities and social bodies. The committee's tasks also include communicating with members to organize activities, with a focus on receptions and various social visits.

Membership Committee

The members of this committee will study and evaluate the various applications for submitted for the membership of the Coalition; this includes conducting visits to potential members and ensuring continuous communication with them.

Medical Care Committee

It consists of a group of doctors and administrators with expertise and proficiency in the field of medical care. Their mission is to plan, implement, and manage special medical projects and programs that would support the community and develop its level of medical care.

The Medical Committee recently launched its "Will (IRADA) to Give" program, which aims to provide medicine for people suffering from chronic diseases who are experiencing difficult economic conditions, this is done by donating surplus medications that have not yet expired.

Committee for Research and Business Development

It consists of a group of members who have experience in offering and presenting opportunities in addition to productive and investment projects. Their mission is to monitor various investment opportunities as well as to create investment opportunities for the members of the Coalition.

Human Resources Committee

It consists of a group of members whose mission is to support the community by contributing to the employment of young people and securing jobs for them through the companies of IRADA’s members. The committee contributes to the development and implementation of a well-established mechanism for the recruitment and training of the staff from different disciplines, in addition to the creation of a database that keeps track of this information.

Marketing Committee

It consists of a group of members who have experience in preparing various marketing plans and work programs which would be implemented. They are also responsible for proposing marketing tools and messages that serve the objectives of the Coalition.

Recreational Activities Committee

It consists of a group of members who are interested in organizing various sporting and recreational activities. Their mission is to plan different sports and entertainment programs for IRADA’s members and their families on regular basis in order to encourage the acquaintance and interaction between the members.

Legal Committee

It consists of a group of legal members who are specialists and legal expertise in their field. Their mission is to provide legal consultations, review contracts, study projects under construction, and prepare for legal advice for the work concerning the Coalition.

Small Loan Committee

It consists of a group of business members who are interested in encouraging and caring for young entrepreneurs. They are constantly working to provide the necessary advice to the Enrichment program, which provides the necessary funding for the productive initiatives.

Programs of the "Small Loan Committee”:

Enrichment of the Financing of Entrepreneurs Microprogram

Enrichment objectives:

  • Encouraging the entrepreneurs to expand and develop
  • Reducing the cost of financing to the entrepreneurs
  • Securing lending terms without any interest
  • Ensuring the participation of businessmen in the social responsibility

Funding Terms:

  • Be a Lebanese entrepreneur between the age of 21 to 55 years
  • The loan should not exceed the amount of 25,000$ (twenty-five thousand dollars)
  • The repayment period should not exceed 3 years
  • The project should be successful, feasible and practical
  • The entrepreneur should submit a feasibility study