Ministry of Economy – General Director’s Visit to IRADA Office

Within the framework of openness to government agencies and institution; on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019, IRADA hosted the General Director of Ministry of Economy and Trade, Mrs. Alia Abbas, in the presence of approximately 50 interested IRADA members.

The ceremony started with a welcome speech by Dr. Bassem El-Bawab representing the Administrative Committee of IRADA, followed by a speech of the Economic Committee Chairman Mr. Saad Jamal Al-Din, where he introduced the guest with a glimpse of her history and background. Then, Mrs. Alia Abbas delivered a lecture including McKinsey reform Plan to face the urgent national monetary and economic challenges and appropriate solutions.

The speech was followed by a discussion session to answer the attendees' questions and concerns in this regard. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Bassem Al-Bawwab thanked Mrs. Abbas for visiting IRADA offices and for the positive and effective role played by the Ministry in supporting the private sector of traders, businessmen and suppliers in order to develop the national economy (Picture attached).

Issued by the Economic Committee