Signing an MOU with the Ministry of Environment

The Businessmen's Association for Support and Development, "Irada," signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Environment on April 18, 2024, based on the union's desire to enhance cooperation and coordination with the mentioned ministry in the areas of environmental protection, sustainable development, and combating environmental disasters.

The memorandum was signed between Irada's President, Mr. Abdussamii Al-Sharif, and the Minister of Environment, Dr. Nasser Yassin, at the Ministry's headquarters in downtown Beirut, in the presence of Irada's Vice President, Mr. Louay Malas, Administrative Board member Mr. Rabih Dandashli, and a number of ministry employees and journalists.

Following the signing, Minister Yassin stated, "This memorandum is essential and significant for developing joint projects related to environmental protection and preserving greenery, as well as cooperating on sewage issues and supporting the ministry's efforts to protect and prevent pollution of water sources in urban and mountainous areas."

Yassin revealed that Irada had previously collaborated with the ministry since last year, when we jointly established a fund to support efforts to extinguish forest fires in northern Lebanon, supporting civil defense teams, promising to continue in the same spirit to achieve a better environment.

In conclusion, Yassin emphasized, the essence is that all sectors of society and stakeholders contribute to sustainable development and environmental protection, expressing gratitude to Irada for this cooperation and joint work.

Irada's President, Abdussamii Al-Sharif, in turn, thanked the Minister, who shoulders the burdens of Lebanon's environment despite the difficulties and problems facing the Lebanese administration, such as the scarcity of human and material resources, always striving to address environmental issues to the best of its abilities.

Al-Sharif added, "Preserving Lebanon and its wealth is among Irada's core objectives, and environmental affairs are integral to those objectives. We have reached a critical stage in Lebanon because the environment is continuously deteriorating."

Al-Sharif also revealed that Irada is in the process of launching a project to plant one million trees over the next 10 years to combat desertification, which is hitting Lebanon due to continuous emissions from power generators and because of water trucks and fires resulting from Israeli aggression on southern Lebanon, not to mention the scourge of global warming affecting the environment worldwide.

Al-Sharif continued, "The environmental situation in Lebanon is alarming, and if we do not make serious efforts to combat desertification, we will lose the Lebanon we know. We have many environmental projects that we can implement in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, including water treatment and sewage, most of which flow into rivers and the sea."

Al-Sharif concluded by saying, "Our duties as a private sector, like every proud Lebanese citizen, are to engage with the Ministry of Environment and the Minister to improve the environmental situation in Lebanon."

Before the memorandum was signed, Irada had announced its decision to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment based on mutual interest and shared goals, agreeing to operate according to the following terms and conditions:

  • Enhancing cooperation and coordination in the areas of environmental conservation, achieving sustainable development, and combating environmental disasters.
  • Exchanging knowledge and expertise by committing to the exchange of available knowledge, expertise, and resources between the two parties.
  • Organizing events and activities through joint events and activities aimed at raising awareness in society.
  • Monitoring environmental disasters and implementing joint projects and programs, for which detailed agreements will be made in accordance with Lebanese laws and regulations.